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Software for TheirWords 


When you begin using the statement analysis technique you'll soon realize the need for software like this.

Manually marking-up a statement could take hours. With the F.A.S.T. macro it will only take you minuets... 

...By forcing you look at every word, the F.A.S.T macro helps you better understand what the statement has to say. 






Statement 1
Example Statement

I Greg Brady, was asked by Bobby to get a crowbar. A week later, he told me that he was going to hit the Princess Anne Apartments Laundromat. Later on that night, I saw him and he said that someone was coming so he ran. Then he said he had left the crowbar behind. So, I went back later that night and got the crowbar and took it down to the Ferry and got rid of it. But by me getting rid of the crowbar I had to move the washing machine to get to it. I had not seen Bobby since that night.

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Why Does it Work?

Conscious  Subconscious Conflict


While agreeing with the theory that truth comes from memory and deception is produced by logic. A better explanation might be that…   

the conscious knows what needs to be said in order to be convincing. 

But, the subconscious interferes... causing a...

Conscious Subconscious Conflict



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