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Years ago, we began taking an interest in criminal and crime scene profiling, which we thought would be an interesting way of getting into the minds of criminals in order to understand and to solve crime.  However, the more we studied the techniques, the more we realized they weren’t what we had hoped for.

It seemed that descriptions of possible suspects such as “a white male, 25 – 35, a loner, that lives within 25 miles of the victim and either walked or drove to the crime scene…” were too vague and preposterous to be practically applied on a regular basis. 

Therefore, we turned our interest to Statement Analysis, and quickly came to find it was everything that we had initially hoped for in criminal profiling.

For nearly 10 years now we have learned and refined Statement Analysis into Forensic Statement Profiling.

We are very enthusiastic about this training and technique and would love to teach it to you.


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TheirWords Statement Analysis Online Discussion Board

We also offer an online discussion board for students of Statement Analysis. Statements can be posted to the board for other members of the board to note observations or opinions.  

This form of information sharing has not only proven to be effective, real-world training for beginners in Statement Analysis, but it also serves as great practice for those that are veterans of this technique.

Not only does this group provides the necessary practice we all need to become and stay proficient in the use of Statement Analysis, but it will also help in building confidence in our ability to analyze and profile statements.

Members of this group can send statements to the group moderator for a private analysis / profile. Statements marked “confidential” will not be sent out to the group. This service is offered because we realize that some cases are ongoing and may be considered sensitive. _______________________________________

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