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Our goal is to provide the best introductory training you can get in the field of Linguistic Polygraph Training (or Linguistic Forensic Analysis).  In order for us to assure that you receive the full benefits of this training, we have decided to make it as interactive as possible. Using the Internet along with e-mail, we are able to provide you with one-on-one personal training. You are guaranteed to receive the following:

100% of your instructor’s attention

A working knowledge of TheirWords - Linguistic Forensic Analysis

Free One Year Subscription to our Online Discussion Board

Discounts on future seminars, class training, and/or training and practice material

We will assist you for as long as you want or need, and help you in analyzing your own statements to assure you of obtaining a comfort level as you begin using this process

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Our Goals

Before we begin, we need to ask ourselves what we want from this course and what we’re willing to do to get it.

There are many levels of understanding in this field and all are here for you to take if you are willing to apply yourself.

We have decided to dedicate as much time as you want or need to help you reach your goals


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